Linux/BSD Westell DSL Modem Diagnostic Utility

Linux/BSD Westell DSL Modem Diagnostic Utility

This page contains the source code for the wdiag utilities
which provide a way for Linux or FreeBSD machines to collect the
DSL statistics from a Westell DSL modem. The program currently
supports the Westell 610010, 610030, 36R516, and 2200 series
Westell wirespeed modems.

NEW - 0.10.1 bug fix release for FreeBSD 8.0 (and newer)
NEW - Support for the Westell 7400 series modem has been added to version 0.10!

The latest version of the software (0.10.1) is available for download here.

This release includes an install target in the Makefile for FreeBSD ports inclusion.

Feel free to contact me for any problems you have running the program.

Josh (